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2013 Finali Mondiali in Mugello: participate in the real Ferrari Festival! PDF Print E-mail

This year the Finali Mondiali will be held at the Mugello cuircuit over four days: from 7 to 10 November. Why Finali Mondiali? The name comes from the races in the single-marque’s Championship - the Ferrari Challenge - and it's three series: Europe, Asia and North America. The conclusive race of these three series is held on the same track, which usually is extremely exciting, because it is decisive for the Championship Title. Until Saturday the races in two series - Trofeo Pirelli and Coppa Shell are held. They are the conclusive races of these series’ seasons. On Sunday one final race is held with both the participants from the Trofeo Pirelli and the Coppa Shell, the categories with professional and semi-professional drivers. In this race the World Title will be awarded. During the event - as usual at the Corse Clienti Racing Days – the owners of historical Formula 1 cars are present at the track with the original cars, which participated in Formula 1 seasons in the past, as well as the owners of the FXX and 599XX, the high-performance Berlinettas with their special programmes. The highlight of the event is the Scuderia Ferrari show, with the single-seater driven by a test driver on the track and taken for a pit stop. What does the event include? The programme includes the aforementioned motorsport activities, but also shows of historical cars of particular value, models from the current production, but also areas set up for families and kids: the paddock Junior, the area for children as of 3 years of age, the driving simulator and the possibility to participate in kart races as well as many more attractions. The event will also be the occasion to say good-bye to Felipe Massa and thank him for his years together with the Scuderia Ferrari with an immense embrace from all the fans. The Finali Mondiali is the perfect occasion to discover the world of Ferrari in all its facets. Don’t miss this event, where – for the first time ever – participation is free, because Ferrari wants to celebrate with you all and let you discover the exciting and various world of motorsport and driving. Join us! Entry to the event on 9 and 10 November is free. If you want access to the grandstands or the paddock you just have to register. Registration is already open. Click here and register now. Entry to the lawns is free too and no registration is necessary.