Mugello Circuit has always distinguished itself for the commitments to promote and enhance sustainability at 360° degrees through actions in the short, medium and long term to reduce environmental impacts and, at the same time, leveraging the social and economic spin-offs produced by the events hosted. 

This is an important and strong action that involves all stakeholders (organizers, federations, customers, guests, employees, suppliers, drivers, teams, media, sponsors, partners, communities and public institutions).

In this direction Mugello Circuit is committed to:

  • Respect the sustainable development principles and contribute to the achievement of the goals set forth by the United Nations (UN SDG-Sustainable Development Goals);
  • Manage the circuit according to the principles and values already listed above (transparency, integrity, inclusiveness, accessibility, legacy, stewardship, participation and continuous improvement);
  • Raise awareness and involve all the stakeholders on the issue of environmental, economic and social sustainability;
  • Minimizing consumption and waste production;
  • Best management of natural resources;
  • Steer suppliers toward sustainable choices and behaviors;
  • Promote broad and up-to-date information on sustainability;
  • Improve the direct and indirect impact exerted on the local and national economic field;
  • Ensuring that vulnerable people can access and use its services;
  • Ensure compliance with applicable environmental, health, safety and labor regulations.

The above commitments are implemented through a specific plan of actions, with reference also to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS, ISO 45001 and ISO 20121 certifications, in order to promote the effective and lasting reduction of environmental impacts and the enhancement of social benefits.

As a confirmation of the solid and concrete commitment to sustainable development, Mugello Circuit scored the maximum points, topping a ranking regarding the level of sustainable management performance of 96 circuits around the world, according to the study "Racing Towards a Sustainable Future. A review of the sustainability performance of international racing circuits" published in July 2023.

Racing Towards a sustainable future 2023